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Sgreen Kit by Franmar (Quart/Gallon)

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$373.99 - $580.99
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Size: Quart



Kit Includes all New Sgreen solutions by Franmar in Quart/Gallon sizes

The planet's BEST environmentally friendly cleaner on the market. Sgreen® Supreme Wash is a citrus enhanced, press wipe designed to remove plastisol and graphic ink from your screens and mesh. It can be used as an on-press ink remover or screen opener, quickly dissolving ink and cleans up easily with the swipe of a shop towel. The planet-friendly chemicals leave minimal residue on the screen and allows you to reapply tape quickly, making it great for quick color changes.

Sgreen® Ink Degrader is an all natural soy based Eco-Friendlier™ plastisol ink degrader, designed to remove difficult inks during your screen cleaning process without affecting the emulsion. It is safe enough to use in your washout sink, washing away difficult inks when mixed with water and agitated with a brush. You can also use Sgreen® Ink Degrader in a recirculation system for the most economic use. Sgreen® Ink Degrader works hard to dissolve plastisol and other difficult inks without harming you or the earth.

Sgreen® Degreaser is an Eco-Friendlier™ water based degreaser that's safe to use on both new or old screens. It gently removes any remaining contaminants left in the mesh, such as oils, dirt, and dust, after the emulsion has been removed. Sgreen® Degreaser also works effectively in hard water, helping to solve many of the problems related to the use of hard rinse water in the cleaning process.

Sgreen® Emulsion Stripper is an environmentally conscious, Eco-Friendlier™ emulsion stripper, specifically formulated to cut through oils and to degrade and remove emulsion quickly. Used as is or in a diluted form, SGREEN® STRIPPER will economically and safely remove all types of photopolymer, diazo, and capillary film emulsions without etching.

Sgreen® Aqua Wash is a water based Eco-Friendlier™ ink cleaner designed to remove water based ink without softening or damaging the stencil. Sgreen® Aqua Wash has excellent emulsifying and degreasing properties, helping to protect your mesh from deep stains or ghosting. It works especially well to open clogged mesh caused by dried water based ink in the image area.

Sgreen® Haze Remover and Degreaser is an aggressive but environmentally friendly Eco-Friendlier™ dual action product designed to remove the toughest emulsion and ink haze from leftover plastisol, water based, and discharge inks. Sgreen® Haze Remover and Degreaser leaves your fabric free of all oils and contaminants and reduces the occurrence of pinholes to allow for better adhesion of your emulsion. With Sgreen® Haze Remover and Degreaser you save both time and money, by combining the last two steps of screen reclamation into one and reducing the number of chemicals you need in your reclamation process.