Monster Max Emulsion Scoop Coater - 16in



The Monster Max Scoop Coater is a 100% metal scoop coater with fully adjustable end caps.

Among its many innovations are the metal end caps that are secured to the trowel with stainless steel screws. The metal end caps can be quickly adjusted, providing the ability to precisely regulate the application of emulsion to thicknesses up to 3/16" of an inch. End caps are precision laser cut out of 16 gage stainless steel and allow "home-made" thick film stencils to be created inexpensively using regular emulsion.

The end cap configuration also greatly reduces emulsion streaks that occur at both sides of a coated screen. This saves emulsion and reduces reclaim time. And because the end caps are held on with screws, they stay on unless you want them to come off.


  • Standard ramp angle for thin emulsions
  • Fast ramp angle for small amounts or thick emulsions
  • Lid claws – remove stuck on emulsion lids
  • Reach-under legs
  • None-glare finish on end caps
  • True one-handed operation
  • Drop-slot design – for fast end cap removal
  • "no-streak" end-cap design
  • Allows for home-made capillary film
  • Set thickness with common objects
  • Three ergonomic handles
  • No-slip micro-groove surface on handles
  • Wider opening for easy emulsion loading
  • Holds more emulsion
  • "no-spill" design -- stands up straight!
  • Sharp angles make for easy clean up
  • Works with Ultimate Clean-Up-Card
  • Two semi-sharp coating edges
  • Unique  beveled coating edge
  • 100% metal construction
  • Made in USA