Green Galaxy CryoCoat Emulsion and CryoPrep Screen Degreaser Kit


Green Galaxy™ CryoCoat

 is a fast exposing/high performance photopolymer emulsion designed to hold up during long production runs for water based, discharge, and plastisol ink, without the need for chemical hardening*. Paring top of the line science with a high solids concentration, Green Galaxy™ CryoCoat was specially formulated with the exact consistency to be able to penetrate into the mesh and bond through the knuckles, providing superior emulsion over mesh (EOM) quality. It holds pristine detail during high output automatic production, and it reclaims easily enough to be used as any manual shop's number one choice for high performing versatile emulsion.

Green Galaxy™ CryoPrep

is high-tech degreaser, specially formulated to improve the life of photopolymer direct emulsion stencils during water based and discharge printing*. This green colored degreaser removes all dust and oils from both new and previously reclaimed screens to eliminate pinholes, fisheyes, and streaks in your emulsion coat. It contains a special chemical that helps polymer emulsions bond to the mesh, casting every design detail and halftone into a deep freeze.

Features & Benefits:

CryoCoat Emulsion - Gallon:

  • Water resistant.
  • No hardeners needed.
  • Durable enough for long print runs using water based and discharge inks
  • Holds pristine detail during automatic printing.
  • High solids concentration allows for superior penetration of mesh.
  • Extremely fast exposure time for quicker screen burning.

CryoPrep Degreaser - Quart:

  • 100 percent Biodegradable.
  • Concentrated formula for long lasting use.
  • Improves the durability of photopolymer direct emulsions.
  • Dyed color ensures a completely clean rinse from mesh.
  • Eliminates fisheyes and streaks in emulsion coats.
  • Maximizes mesh adhesion of both emulsion and capillary film stencils.
  • Optimizes resolution and definition of burned screens.