Hot Rocket XL Conveyor Dryer, 10ft Long x 54" Wide Belt

1 Phase




We aimed for the moon with our new Hot Rocket conveyor dryer and landed on the most effective curing tool we've ever used. With internal temperatures of up to 900 degrees, our one-of-a-kind airflow system allows for ideal curing of plastisol, without spreading it's heat to the outside body. The design circulates only fresh air, curing water-based ink and discharge more quickly and efficiently than most dryers. With a 54" wide belt, heavy duty conveyor motor and reversible direction belt, you'll have no trouble getting a consistent cure out of any job you throw into it. We've even included convenient drop down wheels/casters so you can move you're Hot Rocket around the shop. 


  • Length: 10.25'
  • Height: 57.3"
  • Belt Width: 54"
  • Chamber Length: 54"
  • Belt Speed: 1.1-16 fpm
  • Chamber Infeed Width: 58.5"
  • Heater Height: 2" - 7"
  • Includes Drop Down Wheels/Casters
  • Heat Range(at Heater): 0-900 degrees F
  • WB Cure Time: 400+ shirts per hour
  • Plastisol Cure Time: 1000 shirts per hour (call for more information)
  • Oven Power: 240 Volts or 208 Volts
  • Total Wattage: 21,600 watts
  • Heater Warranty: 15 Year
  • Defect Warranty: 3 Year
  • Internal Parts Included: Aluminum coated steel
  • Type of Insulation: Double wall air cooled
  • Electrical Power***: 240V / 59A for 3 Phase or in 1 Single Phase, 97 Amps, 21.6kW
  • Copper Wire Recommended(Consult with your electrician)
  • Shipping Weight: 1265 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 84" x 57" x 62"
  • Requires fork lift with 60" or larger forks during delivery.