Micro Registration Press Attachment for the Silver Press

by Ryonet


Print with the pros by upgrading your Silver Press™ with micro registration. Adding micro registration allows you to align high detail multi-color designs with ease and flexibility. This simple to attach system allows for 1" micro movement on the X-Y axes.

Note: You will need 1 attachment for EACH head on your press. (Example: If you have a 6 color press you will need to purchase 6 attachments.)

Note: Only compatible with (legacy) Silver Press™, does not work with the Starter/Hobby Press


The micro registration unit securely attaches between the screen arm and screen clamp. To unlock the registration the operator simply loosens the two knobs on top of the unit. Once free you can easily adjust registration by using the easy grip knobs, which allow for precise movement. As you look down through the screen you can see the job come into registration. Once aligned, tighten the top knobs and your registration will lock into place and hold tight through the job. Keep in mind, the Silver Pressª Micro Registration attachment also gives you an extra 1" flexibility front to back and left to right for a little more leeway in your screen alignment.


  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured from high quality aluminum components.
  • Easy to install
  • Limited lifetime warranty