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Official Ryonet Distributor in Canada
Official Ryonet Distributor in Canada

Riley Hopkins 350 Screen Printing Full Shop Package

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Is getting an automatic press part your plan? Are you not quite ready for it yet, but want to ramp up your shop so it’s ready for an auto? Supercharge your print shop with the Riley Hopkins 350 Screen Printing Full Shop Package. 

The cutting-edge shop package helps make a seamless transition to expanding your business to an automatic screen printing shop thanks to its ROQ platen compatibility. Getting a kit makes your life simple. You could pick and choose supplies and equipment, but that takes a lot of time. With a few clicks, you have everything you need to upgrade a print shop. 

The shop package has everything you need — a press, flash dryer, exposure unit, conveyor dryer, dunk tank, washout booth, screen rack, screens, squeegees, inks, chemicals, and more. Loaded with top-notch equipment and supplies from brands like Riley Hopkins®, Baselayr®, Sgreen®, and FN-INK™, you can count on producing high-quality prints right from the start.

Investing in a shop package is an easy, economical way to revamp a screen-printing business. Never take a pit stop again with the Riley Hopkins 350 Screen Printing Full Shop Package today.

This Package Includes:


Riley 350 8 Color 6 Station Press with XYZ Micro Registration

Ryonet's Riley 350 is the next big evolution in heavy-duty manual printing presses. With a sturdy, time-tested Riley Hopkins® construction and exclusive compatibility with ROQ's strong but featherweight honeycomb aluminum pallets, the Riley 350 can handle any print job while running at maximum manual speeds. Features like tool-free off-contact adjustments and XYZ micro registration come standard and allow you to quickly set up and adjust your press with the same ease as any ROQ automatic screen printing press.  If Speed, Precision, and Consistency are important for your customer's needs, it's time to get behind the wheel of the Riley 350. The lights are flashing green, hit the gas, it's time to kick your screen printing into high gear.

Features and Benefits

  • Sturdy, heavy-duty, lightweight construction.
  • XYZ: Micro registration
  • Tool-Free adjustments
  • Honeycomb pallets
  • Adjustable Height Mechanism
  • 2-Point Roller Gate
    • Diameter: 113"
    • Base Size: 57"
    • Platen Height: 35.5" - 36.5"
    • Platen Size: 16"x 24"
    • Max Platen Size: 24" x 32"
    • Max Frame Size: 25" x 36"
    • Max Frame Size(every other): 42" x 48"

    AEOLUS Forced Air Conveyor Dryer 14'L 54"W


    • MODEL: BBC-AIR546C-4-4
    • LENGTH: 14 ft
    • CHAMBER LENGTH: 6 ft
    • BELT WIDTH: 54 in
    • BELT SPEED: 1-18 FPM
    • HEAT CONTROL: DIGITAL - 2 zones
    • HEATER ELEMENTS: Combo IR/Convection
    • HEATER WATTAGE: 23920
    • HEATER POWER REQ: 240v 62A-3P
    • SHIPPING DIMS AND WEIGHT: 1600.00 lbs

    Riley Hopkins Flash Dryer 18"x24"

    Heat things up with our Riley Hopkins¨ Flash Dryer. Constructed with printers in mind, we make all Riley Hopkins¨ equipment with the same standards of efficiency and stability that have been counted on for decades by screen printers. The Riley Hopkins¨ Flash Dryer is the perfect companion to any Riley Hopkins¨ press. This flash dryer is bound to heat things up! Mounted on heavy-duty stand and casters for easy positioning around your shop, featuring simple to use tilt-control adjustment knobs for quick control, a built-in heating control unit for the most accurate flash temperatures, and consistent heat radiation from its industrial heating elements manufactured by BBC, the versatile and powerful Riley Hopkins¨ Flash Dryer is ready to take on any job your press can handle.

    Flash Dryer Features and Benefits

    • Even heat distribution.
    • Energy-efficient.
    • 3-year limited warranty.

    Flash Dryer Specs

    • Watts: 3127
    • Volts: 240
    • Amps: 13.1
    • Size: 18" x 24"
    • Plug type: NEMA 6-20P

    Baselayr Y3942 LED Exposure Unit

    The Y-Series LED Exposure Units will quickly deliver consistent screens that capture the finest details every time (when screens are properly coated and dried).

    With a single-point light source, there are fewer angles of light that hit the film and emulsion. Fewer angles result in diminished light wrap around fine details. You’ll maintain image integrity and resolution. A single-point light source in the Y3942 can hold the fine detail work needed for Sim Process and CMYK printing.

    Plus, the Y3942 has a reflective display, which triples the power of its nearly 450 watt light source. You can expose a 25”x36” screen with photopolymer emulsion in under 10 seconds. 

    Not only does the single-point light source emit the most concentrated light, but its bulb type also enhances stencils as well. The Y3942 uses a custom, high output LED bulb (405 nm) manufactured for exposure units. The LED bulb outputs an optimal UV wavelength, which can be used on all types of emulsions. Printers can rest assured that the LED bulb will last much longer, which is better for the printer and the environment. 

    The optically clear, tempered glass in the Y-Series allows more than 99% of the UV light through without disruption to the wavelength. All units feature two, light-safe T8 LED Amber inspection bulbs, doubling the use of the exposure unit as a screen inspection table. The Y-Series are designed to perform.

    Everything starts and ends in the darkroom. Build a solid foundation from the screen up with the Y3942 today.


      • Single point 450 watts LED light source
      • 7" Touchscreen display
      • 2 SCFM high powered low decibel vacuum pump
      • Durable powder-coated steel body construction
      • IEC removable power cord
      • Two, light-safe T8 LED amber inspection bulbs
      • Removable feet to allow easy access into doorways min. 31.5" (29.5" w/o LID)
      • 1-year warranty (excludes glass, bulbs, and vacuum)
      • Made in the USA


      • Single point LED light source produces a powerful, concentrated light source that helps create the most optimal stencil
      • The vacuum pump achieves positive contact in 20-30 seconds
      • Vacuum lid creates the tightest positive contact between the light source, glass, film, and emulsion that produces stencils with clean, sharp edges
      • LED light sources exposes screens rapidly compared to UV bulbs
      • LED enhances the amount/levels of possible details captured compared to UV bulbs
      • LED creates a harder, more durable stencil, providing better on-press longevity
      • Doubles as an inspection table and exposure unit
      • Low power consumption
      • LED bulbs last more than 10,000 hours, so you don’t have to replace them as often


      • Unit Dimensions: 36.5"(W) x 43.5" (L) x 37" (H)
      • Optical Clear Tempered Glass: 40.25" x 32.75"
      • Max Exposure Area: 32" x 39"
      • Max Frame Size OD: 25x36
      • Light Safe Inspection Bulbs: 2 rows of Amber LEDs
      • Single Point Light Source: 405nm LED array designed for exposure units
      • UV Wattage: 450 watt 
      • Voltage: 115v - 240v
      • Standard 110v 3-prong plug
      • Timer: Android® App, (M.S.mS)
      • Shipping Dimensions: 40" (W) x 45.25" (L) x 36" (H)
      • Ship Weight: 265 lbs

        Sgreen Washout Booth 48"

        The Sgreen® Washout Booth fits up to 23x31 frames, and can comfortably hold four to six screens at a time. Made of stainless steel and aluminum, the washout booth stands strong, ready to brave your toughest cleaning jobs. If the plexiglass breaks, it can be easily removed for replacement.

          • Dimensions: 48" W x 25" L x 74" H
          • Backlight Included
          • Stainless steel basin
          • Aluminum siding
          • Rubber-protected edges
          • Sturdy structure
          • Easy cleanup
          • Low maintenance
          • Easy to assemble
          • Effortless disassembly for transport

        Ryonet Eco Dunk Tank and Solution

        The Ryonet Eco Dunk Tank is a simple, affordable, and durable dip tank made from 100% recycled material. This environmentally friendly heavy-duty tank is the best-built soaking system made specifically for the purpose of screen reclaiming.

        Kit Includes

        • Eco Dunk Tank.
        • Lid / cover.
        • Drip tray.
        • Screen hold-downs.
        • Threaded drain fitting with on/off the spigot.
        • 3 gallon Eco Dunk'N Strip solution.

        Dip Tank Features and Benefits

        • One-piece molded construction.
        • Ideal for use with 2 in 1 ink and emulsion removers.
        • Chemical resistant.
        • Guaranteed leakproof.
        • Dramatically reduces chemical usage.
        • Low maintenance.
        • Minimal space requirement.
        • Dimensions: O.D. 36" x 16" x 26 1/4"

        Product Specs

        • Made From 100% Recycled Material.
        • 1/4" thick polyethylene.
        • Accommodates 6 Screens (up to 23" x 31").
        • Overall Dimensions: 36" x 16" x 26 1/4"
        • 3/4" threaded drain.
        • Includes on/off the spigot.

        Ryonet's Industrial Screen Rack - 24 Screen Count

        Keep your room for printing, with the Riley Hopkins Full-Stack. Constructed with printers in mind, we make all Riley Hopkins equipment with the same standards of efficiency and stability that have been counted on for decades by screen printers. This full-sized aluminum screen rack features sturdy locking casters for easy movement around your shop, 20 slots for max screen storage, and a robust tray top for a powerful combo of screens, inks, and supply storage. Store 20 of your 20 x 24 inch or 23 x 32-inch screens with this full-sized screen rack. Crank up your storage power with the Riley Hopkins Full Stack, the ultimate accessory for your rockstar Riley Hopkins press!

        Screen Rack Features and Benefits

        • Holds 20: 20 x 24 inch or 23 x 32 inch screens.
        • Riley green powder-coated crossbars.
        • Lightweight aluminum screen slats.
        • Removable 2" wheel locking casters with 3/8" coarse thread stud.
        • Infinitely expandable in half stack 10 screen sections at a time. (Ordered separately.)
        • Screens slats receive additional trays. (Ordered separately.)

        Screen Rack Product Specs

        • Assembled Dimensions:26.5" W x 28" D x 60" High
        • Actual Weight: 53.5 lbs.
        • Shipping Box Dimensions: 32" W x 32" D x 16" High
        • UPS Dimensional Shipping Weight: 65.5lbs.

        Complete Product and Chemical Kit


        • 6 - 110 mesh 23" x 31" aluminum screens
        • 6 - 156 mesh 23" x 31" aluminum screens
        • 6 - 230 mesh 23" x 31" aluminum screens
        • 6 - 305 mesh 23" x 31" aluminum screens


        15 Gallons  of FN Plastisol Inks

        • -2 Gallons of FN White
        • -2 Gallons of FN Black
        • -1 Gallon of FN Royal Blue
        • -1 Gallon of FN Golden Yellow
        • -1 Gallon of FN Kelly Green
        • -1 Gallon of FN Lemon Yellow
        • -1 Gallon of FN Bright Red
        • -1 Gallon of FN Orange
        • -1 Gallon of FN Violet
        • -1 Gallon of FN Navy Blue
        • -1 Gallon of FN Light Royal Blue
        • -1 Gallon of FN Fuchsia (magenta)
        • -1 Gallon of FN Light Blue
        • 1 Quart of Green Galaxy Pitch Black Water Based Ink
        • 1 Quart of Green Galaxy Water Based Ink-white
        • Pantone PMS Formula Guidebook for Screen Printing
        • US Digital Scale, 5000 Gram Capacity

         Included Supplies

        • Laser Temp Gun for ensuring ink cure.
        • 15- ink scoops for easy ink handling (use goop scoop)
        • 1 - roll Pallet Tape for Platen Masking-of 18" x 100 yards premium
        • 8 - 16"- 70 durometer squeegees
        • 8 - 12" - 70 durometer squeegees
        • 8 - 8" 70 durometer squeegees
        • 6 - 6" - 70 durometer squeegees
        • 1 - 16" emulsion scoop coater
        • 1 - 19" emulsion scoop coater
        • 100 Pack 13 x19 Econo Film
        • 3- rolls 2 x 36 yd of green block out screen tape
        • 2 - 2" x 55 yds. White screen tape
        • 2 Light Safe Darkroom Bulb
        • 300 Ultimate Ink Cards -used for cleaning screens
        • Albatross Spot Cleaning Gun Expert Quick Dry 3500
        • 1 GAL -Remover TSR (for spot cleaning with Albatross Spot Cleaning Gun)

         Sgreen Chemical Kit

        • 1 Gal -Saati - Grafic PU Emulsion
        • 1 Gal -Sgreen Supreme Wash - Cleans plastisol ink from screens or press
        • 1 Gal-Sgreen Aqua Wash Gallon by Franmar
        • 1 Gal-Sgreen Stuff Dehazer and Degreaser
        • 4 Gal-Sgreen Emulsion Stripper - Removes emulsion from the screen
        • 1 QT-Sgreen Adhesive - Sticks your shirts to your shirt platen
        • 1 QT-Finish W1 (Blockout)
        • 3- Scrub Brushes (Screen Scrubber)