Riley Hopkins WIN X/Y Micro Printhead Upgrade/Replacement



Have you ever wanted more precision from your Riley Hopkins Joystick Registration? With our Riley Hopkins Micro Registration Upgrade Kit, you can now update your Riley Hopkins Screen Printing Press from Joystick to Micro Registration without having to buy a whole new press.


  • Q: Which version do I choose, the WIN or the AERO?
  • A: Ensure you choose the right upgrade kit for your press. The WIN presses do not have tool free adjustment which means you are very familiar with a 9/16Ó wrench to set your off contact and adjustment.Ê The AERO presses use tool free adjustment which means you do not have to use a wrench to set your off contact. If you do not get the right upgrade kit, your print head will not align with your registration gate.
  • Q: How many upgrade kits do I need for my press?
  • A: This upgrade is sold per head so if you have a 6 color press, you will need to buy six upgrades if you want to add it to the entire press.
  • Q: Do I need to send my Joysticks back? A: You get to keep your Joystick Registration as well, and the press can swap them back and forth.
  • Q: Is the upgrade hard? What tools do I need?
  • A: The upgrade is fairly easy to accomplish.Ê We recommend two 9/16 wrenches and a rubber mallet.