Ryonet RXP Aluminum UV Screen Exposure Unit - 20x24in

by Ryonet


Burn your screens with accuracy and speed with the RXP Automated Table Top Exposure Unit. Ryonet's table top exposure unit is manufactured and hand constructed right here in Vancouver, WA. Our design incorporates high-quality CNC bent aluminum box into this powerful exposure unit, giving you professional and crisp images fit for screen printers of all experience levels. The built-in automatic timer and shut-off helps to prevent over-exposing and gives you the ability to multi-task. All of our exposure systems are manufactured by Ryonet in the USA and come with an industry leading three-year year limited warranty. With over 10,000 RXP exposure systems still in use in the market today you can be assured that Ryonet and our RXP Exposure Units are a solid choice for your next evolution in screen making.

  • Expose screens with excellent burning results.
  • Optically clear glass protects UV bulbs.
  • Built-in timer protects you from over or underexposure.
  • Extremely durable CNC bent aluminum construction.
  • Includes a 3-inch foam pad for easy on-contact exposing.
  • Includes limited three year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Exposes all types of photo emulsion quickly and dual cure diazo photopolymer emulsions in five minutes.
  • Compression lid for the quickest on-contact exposing (optional upgrade).

Exposure Times

Emulsion Types:  RXP, WBP, DCM

MESH 38-86 110-196 200-230 240-305
Time 4:45-5 4-4:30 3:15-4 3-3:30

 *Tested times but may vary. Use Step Wedge Test to dial in exposure time

Tech Specs:

  • Expose up to 20" x 24" screens.
  • 4 x 15w = 60 Total UV Watts 
  • Four unfiltered UV light bulbs specifically designed for screen exposure.
  • All electrical components are UL and CE listed
  • 115 volt (standard household current)

Replacement Bulbs: T-8 Unfiltered UV Bulb