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Official Ryonet Distributor in Canada
Official Ryonet Distributor in Canada

Tape - Tadpole Screen Tape Cutter - 2"

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Taping off your screens should be effortless. The Tadpole Tape Cutter's efficient design allows you to pull, rip and tear each perfect length of tape with speed, and eliminates the need to use bulky tape ripping tools designed for boxes, or worse, your teeth. The Tadpole Tape Cutter quickly attaches to any 2" roll of screen tape, block out tape, and other 2" wide rolls. It's low profile allows you to store your tape with minimal added bulk. When you're screen printing, every moment counts. Make the task of taping just a little bit easier, a little faster and a whole lot more efficient.

Features and Benefits:

  • Shortens screen production time with faster taping time.
  • Eliminates the need for cutting, tearing or biting tape.
  • Easily re-roll any excess tape smoothly.
  • Attaches to any standard 2-inch tape rolls.
  • Ryonet green color.