X-Vactor XL UV Vacuum Exposure Unit with Digital Timer and 20 Screen Cabinet

by Ryonet




New & Improved X-Vactor Automated Exposure Unit

Over the past ten years, the X-Vactor has become one of the most widely used table-top vacuum exposure units on the market. With these recent improvements to the design and functionality, the X-Vactor will give screen printers even more consistent and automated screen exposure.

Ryonet's X-Vactor XL Digital Vacuum Exposure Unit and Screen Cabinet is a large format vacuum exposure unit with a 20 screen cabinet. With thousands of our standard exposure units in the market, we decided to take the next step and create a large format vacuum exposure unit. The X-Vactor XL can expose two, 23" x 31" frames at once with up to a 34" x 48" exposure area. This model includes light safe viewing bulbs and comes standard with a 20 screen vented and insulated screen cabinet, digital timer and Ryonet's Pre-Registration Template. The X-Vactor exposure unit can be detached from the screen cabinet below for installation or repair work if needed.


  • Upgraded digital timer, now standard on all X-Vactors.
  • CAD designed powder coat steel construction.
  • EC power cord port with easy to access on/off switch.

Included Bonus

  • Ryonet Pre-Registration Template Transparency ($99.99 value)
  • Ryonet 21 Step Exposure Calculator ($19.99 value)

Product Specs

  • Overall dimensions: 57" x 42" x 38.57"
  • 10 40 watt HO UV bulbs
  • Standard 110 outlet plug
  • UL certified electrical components
  • 35" x 49" max frame OD

Features and Benefits

  • Digital exposure controls
  • Separate exposure, vacuum, light safe, fan and kill switch controls
  • Dual screen cabinet, each holding 10 20" x 24" or 23" x 31" OD frames
  • Dual fans in each cabinet
  • Heavy-duty casters for mobility
  • Heavy-duty neoprene vacuum blanket
  • Heavy-duty gas shocks for easy open and close access
  • Adjustable vacuum lid clamps
  • Optically clear extremely strong tempered glass
  • Sturdy T6 extremely strong aluminum construction
  • Oil-free vacuum pump is quiet and powerful
  • Includes nylon rope to allow air movement between blanket and frame
  • 3 year limited warranty (excludes blanket, glass and bulbs)