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Hey Screen Printers!

Many of you may have shut down for the holidays this week.

Some of you may even be in a slower season right now. 

As we all know however, the boss' work is never truly done and quieter shops are the perfect time for some clean up and organization. 

Not many people I know love the clean up process but trust me, everyone loves the clean shop feel.

It is good for our mental health to put everything back in it's place.

Here are some things to focus on:


  1. Reclaim all your films and screens and coat some screens so they are ready to burn for your next order. 

2.  Wash and organize all your squeegees and spatulas.

3.  Wipe down your press and work surfaces     

4.. Tidy up your ink room and put leftover inks in clear containers labeled with the pantone colours.

 5.  Change all your platen wrap so you have fresh clean platens when production ramps up again.

6.  Sweep the floor and dust all equipment and shelves.

7.  Organize and clearly label garment stock.

8.  Complete an ink and garment inventory so you know what is on hand.

9.  Consider running a promotion to clear up ink colours and garment stock to generate sales in a slow season.

Hey and don't forget to take a deep breath and look around and appreciate a job well done, not just in the clean up but also in the hustle you put in all year.

You did that! Not many do. You are awesome.

We are here for you when you are ready for you next order and your next upgrade.

Big things are in store for shop owners who take pride in their establishments and we salute you!

Happy New Year!!!
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