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Official Ryonet Distributor in Canada
Official Ryonet Distributor in Canada

Rite Premium Waterproof Film

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$173.50 - $243.99
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Size: 100 Sheet Pack of 13"x19"

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Consistent, durable, and made in the USA, Rite Premium Film allows screen printers to output films faster, use less ink, achieve ultimate black density and reuse the film positive time and time again.


  • Dimensionally stable film means great registration and no curling.
  • Quick dry time equals faster production times and less ink usage.
  • Accurate dot placement results in excellent line definition and acuity.
  • High ink load capacity.
  • Great film opacity.
  • Minimal "yellowing" allows the film to retain the image over time and be used repeatedly.


  • Sizes Available: 100 sheet pack of 8.5"x11", 100 sheet pack of 13"x19", 13"x100' roll, 17"x100' roll, and 24"x100' roll
  • Roll Core Size: 3"
  • Caliper/ thickness 5 mil
  • UV DMIN <1.0
  • UV DMAX >4.0


  • Temp 59 - 86° degrees F (15 - 30° C)
  • Repack opened rolls or boxes when not in use
  • Allow material to stabilize to room conditions for 24 hours before use


  • Side of the film to print on: waterproof film has two sides, the carrier sheet side and the inkjet receptive side. To determine which side is the inkjet receptive side, dampen your finger and touch a corner of the film, the side that is sticky is the side that will take ink.
  • Printer Settings for Best Results: Epson or other inkjet printers: Open your printer utility driver in the print queue menu. Set your image settings to "best quality photo" or "best image", this will enable your printer to print at its max resolution. Set your paper settings to "premium glossy photo paper" or similar, this allows most printers to lay down the maximum amount of ink.