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More Options. More Savings.

Fit as many designs as you can on one sheet, giving you more flexibility and efficiency on every order. Available on our Wearable, Blocker, Softshell and Promotional heat transfers.

Supagang gang sheets are the best heat transfers for:

  • Multiple designs.
    Combine multiple designs from different projects to save money.
  • Team uniforms.
    Great for player names, numbers and team logos.
  • Multiple locations.
    Add designs to sleeves, chest, back etc, all on one sheet.
  • Building your brand.
    Economically add your own logo to the inside neck label of every t-shirt you sell.

What makes it different from other heat transfers?

  • Like all Supacolor heat transfers, the screen printed white helps make all colors really pop! Light and dark colors.
  • Our 7- color printing presses match colors with insane accuracy, so you get consistent colors, every single order.
  • A hot peel heat transfer that helps you work Supafast and Supaeasy.