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Baselayr Y3942 CTS LED Exposure Unit - 39x42in

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Whether you’re running a high-production shop focusing on spot colors or printing complex, multicolor designs, you need an exposure unit that’ll give you excellent results. With a single-point light source, and LED bulb technology, your desired results become a reality. The Y-Series LED Exposure Units will quickly deliver consistent screens that capture the finest details every time (when screens are properly coated and dried).

Computer-to-screen (CTS), also known as direct-to-screen (DTS), is the ability to print an image directly to the emulsion and provides the most optimal positive contact. It also increases the capture of detail onto the screen’s mesh. 

Using the Y3942CTS is simple. With the ability to fit up to 31”x40” screens, all you have to do is slide the rails into position and place the screen onto the frame. Close the lid to protect the area around it. 

Without the need for glass or a vacuum, the Y3942CTS has some of the fastest exposure times with speeds lower than 10 seconds. All emulsion exposure times are based on emulsion type, emulsion layer thickness, and mesh color.

Achieve unmatched accuracy with its single-point light source, 450-watt LED light. With a single-point light source, the light is much more concentrated compared to tube lights. Plus, the Y3942CTS has a reflective display, which triples the power of its nearly 450-watt light source. The exposure unit can capture dots less than 5% at 85 LPI halftones in 305 mesh.

The only kind of exposure unit that would surpass the Y3942CTS is a metal halide with a 5k bulb or better. But with metal halide, you’d need a 220 outlet and a robust energy supply. A LED single-point light source can almost match the quality of a metal halide unit with the fraction of the infrastructure needed to support it.

Not only does the single-point light source emit the most concentrated light, but its bulb type also enhances stencils as well. The Y3942CTS uses a custom, high-output LED bulb (405 nm) manufactured for exposure units. The LED bulb outputs an optimal UV wavelength, which can be used on both dual cure and photopolymer emulsions. Printers can rest assured that the LED bulb will last much longer, which is better for the printer and the environment. 

The unit also features two, light-safe T8 LED Amber inspection bulbs, doubling the use of the exposure unit as a screen inspection table. The Y-Series are designed to perform.

Everything starts and ends in the darkroom. Build a solid foundation from the screen up with the Y3942CTS Exposure Unit today.


  • Single point 450-watt LED light source
  • 7" Touchscreen display
  • Durable powder-coated steel body construction
  • IEC removable power cord
  • Removable Feet to allow easy access into doorways min. 31.5" (29.5" w/o LID)


  • Precision quality screen burning.
  • Potential for lighting-fast exposure speeds lower than 10 seconds.
  • Single-point LED exposure unit for the most accurate and fastest screen exposure.
  • Low power usage is required, only 450 watts of high-powered UV light optimized the exposure of emulsion.

Product Specs:

  • Overall Dimensions: 35"(W) x 42" (L) x 32" (H)
  • Max Exposure Area: 32" x 39"
  • Max Frame Size OD: 25" x 36"
  • Light Safe Inspection Bulbs: 2 rows of Amber LEDs
  • Single Point Light Source: 405nm LED array designed for exposure units
  • UV Wattage: 450 watt 
  • Voltage: 120v - 240v
  • Standard 110v 3-prong plug
  • Timer: Raspberry Pi® Touch Screen