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FN-INK Extender Base

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Size: Quart


  • Extends an ink's usage, so printers can get more out of their ink when doing long print runs.
  • Can be mixed with plastisol inks with standard cure temps (320°F) and it'll lower the ink's cure temp, speeding up production. 
  • Can also be used to create tonal effects or vintage prints, so it provides many uses in a printer's shop. 

Extend an ink’s usage with FN-INK™ Extender Base. It’s a low cure, fully finished clear ink designed to “extend” an ink during long print runs. It can also be used as a clear ink for tonal effects or used to create vintage prints. The creative possibilities are endless with an extender base.

FN-INK™ Extender Base has the same viscosity, or thickness, as the classic line of FN-INK™. Extender Base is basically ink without any pigment. It also maintains the soft hand feel that printers have loved about FN-INK™. You can add FN-INK™ Extender Base to other plastisol ink brands to improve the softness of the final print.

FN-INK™ Extender Base is a low cure ink. If added to standard cure plastisol inks, it can help lower the ink’s cure temperature. Proper wash testing should be performed to ensure cure parameters are optimal before running any production. 

FN-INK™ Extender Base is not a low bleed ink. Adding it to any ink that has low bleed properties will reduce that ink's ability to slow down or stop dye migration.

Unlock specialty printing today with FN-INK™ Extender Base.


  • Extends an ink's usage
  • Use to make tonal or vintage prints
  • Easy to work with
  • Lower cure temperatures
  • Soft-hand prints


When adding to another ink to “extend” the color: You can add as much as you want to any finished ink. When used as an “extender,” you may not want to add too much where the ink loses any opacity or coverage. To avoid losing opacity, begin by adding 20% of the extender base by weight into the color. Print a test to ensure printed colors look correct. If the color looks great, you can add more extender base until you are happy with the results.

To create tonal inks: Add 1%-4% of the desired color to the FN-INK™ Extender Base. Mix thoroughly. Test on garment to confirm desired effect. Add more color if needed.

Example: For a color that's darker than the shirt across different garments, add 1-2% FN-INK™ Black to Extender Base. Print through 200 mesh or higher with a hard squeegee, like a 70/90/70. The ink will slightly darken up all shirt colors creating a consistent darker tonal color, with a single ink.

To create vintage colors: To create a good vintage color, the ink should be a little transparent so the shirt color shows through the ink to some degree. Depending on the ink color, brand of ink, and type of ink, you may add as little as 10% or as much as 40% of extender base to the ink to reach the desired effect. FN-INK™ Extender Base will also help to create a soft hand that helps enhance the quality of vintage prints.

Reminder: While you can add as much FN-INK™ Extender Base as you want to ink colors, anything above ~20% will begin to cause a drop in opacity.* Please be aware of this fact when mixing. Test before production.

*Some colors are inherently more translucent (have a lower opacity) and any addition of a clear additive will create a greater loss of opacity or coverage.


You can use any emulsion with FN-INK™ Extender Base. You can also use any mesh count.


Be sure to stir the product prior to use. 


The ink is ready to print right out of the container, no modification is necessary. If desired, you can modify it with a curable reducer at up to 5% by weight.


High tension screens are always recommended as well as proper off-contact. Proper off-contact is where the screen snaps off the print right behind the squeegee as it travels across the image area.

Use any squeegee. Recommended: 65/90/65, 70, 70/90/70


Since you may be printing thinner ink deposits when using FN-INK™ Extender Base, adjust and test your conveyor dryer to find the best settings. 

FN-INK™ Extender Base is a low cure product, but it remains stable at higher temperatures. The base can be used with standard cure inks of 320°F. Since FN-INK™ Extender Base is low cure, it will bring down the cure temp when added to higher cure temp products, in proportion to the amount added.

Proper wash testing should be performed to ensure cure parameters are optimal before running any production.

FN-INK™ Extender base is not a low bleed ink. Adding it to any ink that has low bleed properties will reduce that ink's ability to slow down or stop dye migration.


Use any press wash to clean it up.


Keep container(s) tightly closed. Store in a cool, well-ventilated location out of direct sunlight.


Usage Sheet