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ImagePrint R.E.D. RIP Software

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If you have a detailed design with shading or realistic-looking effects, then you’ll probably have to use halftones to achieve the look you want. Halftones will help enhance your design’s detail and depth, but you’ll have to make a few digital adjustments to your design before taking it to the press. That process, a “RIP,” is accomplished with Raster Image Processing (RIP) software.

ImagePrint R.E.D is the first RIP software that works with all printer types. It’s simple to use and universal for any printer. Whether you’re printing large-format photos, stickers, or film transparencies, ImagePrint works for you.

ImagePrint R.E.D. requires a software security key called a dongle. It fits into any USB port on your computer and must be plugged in whenever you want to make prints with R.E.D. You can download the software now and complete the installation when your dongle arrives. Make sure to store the dongle in a safe place.

There are two programs to choose from depending on the size of your printer. One program exists for printers 17 inches or smaller and another for printers 24 inches or larger. With this user-friendly software, you’ll be outputting designs like a pro.

  • Able to connect to any printer, including​ film output, stickers, vinyl, wide format, etc.
  • Spool Face program pinpoints the root of any errors so you can adjust and easily return to outputting films.
  • Choose from two options of printer sizes to fit your needs.
  • Free online course to learn how to install and use program.