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Promotional Transfers

Original price $3.04 - Original price $12.09
Original price
$3.04 - $12.09
Current price $3.04
Sheet Size: 4.1" x 5.8"

Supacolor Promotional Heat Press Transfers  is the perfect transfer for your promo bag! 

Basic Promotional Information:

  • These transfers combine the versatility of transfer paper with the soft feel of screen print in one transfer. 
  • These transfers are great at adhering to a wide range of fabrics used for promotional items. The Construction is different from the wearable range.
  • 100% colored polyester garments please use our SubBlocker transfer
  • Low washability
  • Not recommended for garments as there is a low washability rate
  • The best Screen Printed DTF hybrid transfers with the perfect peel every time!

Artwork Guidelines

Before uploading your artwork, please be sure each file meets the following requirements:

    • Vector file (.eps, ai, .pdf) OR raster file (.png, .psd, .tiff, .pdf)
    • Raster files are high resolution (300+ dpi)
    • File has NO background color (transparent background)
    • File is CMYK color format (not RGB)
    • Design does NOT include drop shadows, glows, transparencies/fades

Also note: 

  • Any details smaller than 1 point (0.35mm) will have a colored outline/backing (matching the intended garment color) added by production.
  • Your design cannot be bigger than the sheet size you selected.
  • Artwork will be sized to the max sheet size unless otherwise specified.
  • Copyright material is NOT permitted (without written documentation).
  • Not suitable for iron or handheld press.

Any artwork that does not follow the guidelines above is subject to changes in appearance. 

Green Galaxy is not responsible for any errors in the finished transfers if the customer’s submitted artwork does not meet the requirements above.

SUPAGANG Information: 

  • Ganging options available in the following transfer sheet sizes: 5.8" x 8.3" / 8.3" x 11.7" / 11.7" x 16.5" 
  • All artwork must be pre-ganged and correctly sized prior to placing the order (ganged artwork must be 100% print ready)
  • Artwork will be sized to the max sheet size with proportional dimensions unless otherwise specified in the Printed Size in Inches text box

Turn Around Time

  • Supacolor orders are a 1-2 business days process time, 2-4 business days in production, and then a 2-3 day shipment.
  • Artwork issues can add extra time for processing
  • Supacolor order will ship Fedex 2-Day Air once completed
  • Cut off time for artwork submission is 1PM CDT

Additional Information

  • We do NOT recommend the Cricut Easy Press or any manual hand heat press as it is difficult to achieve and maintain the pressure needed for these transfers
  • Letting us know the color of your garment will ensure we produce this transfer perfect for your garment. Incorrect garment information can lead to issues with your final result
  • Supacolor is considered a custom ordered product, this makes it a non-returnable product. If you get a job from us, and there's a problem, we'll reprint your transfers.
  • Pricing discounts only apply to each singular job/artwork
  • Standard 2 Day Air shipping of $20

Frequently Asked Questions

What are screen print transfers ?
Screen printed transfers are printed onto transfer paper, with the inks transferred onto the desired textile when hot. The application of the transfer is carried out with a heat press which maintains the perfect temperature for the transfer.

How do you apply screen print transfers ?
You will want to follow the application instructions for the specific type of transfer you are using. You will also need a heat press.

Where to order screen print transfers ?

What kind of artwork do you need for screen print transfers ?
Vector artwork or high resolution pngs with clear background are needed. Without them the transfer will likely end up pixelated. Do you have artwork that does meet these specifications?