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RevolvInk Mixer – Ink Mixer & Modulator For Quarts & Gallons

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White inks, often a challenge in screen printing, are mastered with ease. With an adjustable speed that moves between 0-40 RPM, the ink mixer turns those notorious white inks into well-tuned, production-ready masterpieces. It’s a performance that not only reduces labor but accelerates pre-production, shrinking ink modulation time by 60-70%.

When the encore calls for custom colors and additives, the RevolvInk Mixer steals the show. The easy paddle swap is swift and effortless, ensuring no downtime and pause in your printing process. Whether you’re dealing with quarts or gallons, this mixer is your workhorse.

Compact yet built as sturdy as a roadie’s case, the RevolvInk Mixer is engineered for the rhythm of the print shop. Its powder-coated steel & zinc-plated construction is ready to roll through the demands of professional printing without missing a beat.

In the world of screen printing, the RevolvInk Mixer is the unsung hero that brings consistency and speed to the forefront. With its ability to conquer white inks, blend custom colors, and swap paddles, the RevlovInk Mixer will run the print show smoothly.


  • Quickly modulates/warms all types of inks, including thick white inks
  • Simple to blend custom ink colors
  • Allows for quick and easy paddle replacement
  • Mixes quarts and gallon containers 
  • One quart & one gallon paddle included
  • Adjustable speed with the range of 0-40 RPM
  • Lift and rolling action, causing no bubbles or ink splashes
  • Small footprint
  • 3-Point Locking Jaw System
  • Powder-coated steel & zinc-plated construction
  • Brushless, high-torque BLDC motor with an integrated axial fan
  • Warranty 
  • Made in the USA 🇺🇸
  • Thanks to its adjustable speed and direction, the ink mixer effortlessly transforms thick inks into creamy, production-ready ink in minutes, saving time and reducing labor.
  • Easily blend custom colors, resulting in increased productivity and consistency.
  • Simple and inexpensive paddle attachments allow for quick and hassle-free changes between containers without cleaning between ink mix jobs.
  1. Turn the power on in the back of the device. It activates the fan. The unit cannot operate without the fan on.
  2. Turn on the main power in the front of the ink mixer.
  3. Place the ink container in the middle of the chuck plate.
  4. Loosen the locking chuck plate knob.
  5. Use the handles to adjust the size to fit the ink container.
  6. To ensure the ink container is secured in the mixer, try spinning it with your hands. It should not move.
  7. Add the paddle to the arm of the mixer.
  8. Adjust the arm and paddle to fit the container. The paddle should graze the bottom of the ink container.
  9. Adjust the direction to fit your needs. Set the mixer to spin to the left for it to scrape the sides of the container. Set the mixer to spin to the right for the paddle to move to the middle of the container.
  10. Adjust the speed to fit your needs. When modulating thicker inks like white plastisol ink, set the mixer at a lower RPM (below 20). When modulating thinner inks like water-based inks, you can set the mixer at a higher RPM (above 20). When mixing custom colors, set the mixer at a higher speed (above 20 RPM). 

Please be careful with long hair, loose clothing, jewelry, and fingers around the mixer when in use as it may get caught in the pinch points. 

  • 17.15” L x 14.38” W x 31.72” H
  • 0-40 RPM
  • 110 VAC
  • Mixes quarts and gallon containers (not included)

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