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Riley Hopkins 360 6 Color 4 Station Press with XYZ Micro Registration - ROQ Compatible Print Stations

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Press Type: Standard Press - No Platens


At Green Galaxy, your satisfaction is our top priority. This item is currently not in our Canadian warehouse,  while our slow shipping service may take a little longer, around a 4-6 week timeline, please be assured that our dedicated team is working tirelessly to ensure a seamless delivery experience. From timely updates on your order status to expertly packaged shipments, we're here to make your shopping experience worthwhile. This product also has extra shipping charges because it requires special handling services to ensure they reach you in perfect condition and on time. To get an exact shipping price, please send us an email at or call us at (416) 787-6099.

Accelerate Beyond Limits with the Riley Hopkins 360 Press, now featuring ROQ Auto Compatible Print Stations.

Equipped with precision-engineered features such as micro-locking levers, machined tilting blocks, spring-loaded XY micro adjustments, and a finely tuned Z micro adjustment, the Riley Hopkins 360 with ROQ Compatible Print Stations leads the pack of manual screen printing presses for precision and accuracy. Enhanced with the adaptability for ROQ integration, this press embodies Flexibility That Drives Success in modern screen printing.

Take complete control with machined off-contact adjustments and a tilt adjustments knob offering Precision at Full Throttle, ensuring every detail of your print is sharp and consistent.

Standard on the Riley 360, the 4-Point Roller Gates fortify the printhead's stability and guides screens precisely into place securely, maintaining consistency across every print. This stability is crucial for the high standards demanded in production-level screen printing.

With ROQ Compatibility, the Riley Hopkins 360 offers unparalleled customization. The Riley Hopkins 360 stands strong on an adjustable CNC-constructed base, offering up to a 3-inch adjustment to perfectly align with any screen printer’s preferred working height, ensuring ergonomic comfort and precision alignment.

Bringing it full circle, the 360 base, enhanced with ROQ Compatible Arms for seamless integration, robust reinforced side clamps, and adjustable leveling feet, this press firmly anchors itself and your prints. It eliminates any risk of deflection, ensuring precise prints every time.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the Riley Hopkins 360 with ROQ Compatible Arms covers all non-wearable parts and components, ensuring your press is always ready to perform at its best with zero downtime.

When Speed, Precision, and Consistency are essential, it's time to Rev Up Your Printing Power with the Riley Hopkins 360. With the green light flashing, Shift Your Prints into High Gear and set new benchmarks in screen printing excellence.


  • Precision Engineered Printhead: Incorporates micro locking levers, a machined tilting block, and machined off contact adjustments. Spring-loaded XY micro adjustments alongside a tilt adjustment knob ensure unrivaled precision.
  • Advanced Registration Gate: Offers 4-point contact with machined aircraft-grade aluminum for reduced flex and enhanced registration stability.
  • Exclusive ROQ Arms: Features a four-bolt mounting plate, low profile ROQ compatible station arms, and a toggle clamp locking mechanism for quick and secure setup.
  • Durable and Polished Center Post: A 3" ground and polished center post stands at the heart of the press, ensuring stability and smooth operation.
  • Side Clamps for Unmatched Versatility: Comes equipped with soft feel clamp knobs, a 3/16 wall-aircraft grade aluminum crossbar, machined lockdown, and self-centering locking nuts, providing a secure and versatile clamping solution.


  • Effortless Setup and Precision: The combination of ROQ arms and side clamps allows for quick, easy setups and adjustments, ensuring every print meets your high standards.
  • Durability Meets Innovation: Built to last, the Riley Hopkins 360 with ROQ Arms features a heavy-duty base with detent bracket assembly and standard leveling feet, ensuring your press remains stable and precise, no matter the workload.

Choose the Riley Hopkins 360 Press with ROQ Arms and side clamps for a future-proof solution that combines traditional reliability with cutting-edge compatibility. Perfect for shops that value speed, precision, and the ability to quickly adapt to various printing requirements.



  • Diameter: 100"
  • Base Size: 60"
  • Platen Height: 35" - 36"
  • Max Platen Size: 30" x 32"
  • Max Frame Size (Side Clamp): 23" x 32"
  • Color/ Stations: 6 color / 4 station
  • Shipping Weight: 602 lbs