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How to Brighten Up Your Waterbased Ink Colours

How to Brighten Up Your Waterbased Ink Colours

It's Valentine's Day prep week and many of you will be printing up some love inspired merch. 

If your Waterbased reds, pinks, purples or brights need a boost during love-week, let our booster pigments brighten up your life. With six super printable pigments to choose from, you can add the right punch to any colour and boost your brightness level lickety-split!

Our Green Galaxy Waterbased Booster Pigments, including Booster Red, Booster Pink, Booster Purple, Booster Blue, Booster Yellow and Booster Green can be cut with our Green Galaxy Clear Core base and used as stand alone colours OR you can mix them in to your pre-mixed colour to add vibrancy and that wow-factor to a lack-lustre colour. (NOTE: You definitely want to cut these with base because they are highly pigmented and a little goes a very long way).

Have you tried these gems yet? They are on promo to all Canadian Screen printers from today Monday, February 10th, through next Monday morning (February 17th) at 11:59am EST. 

Swoop up one of each colour and feel the love this week from Green Galaxy ... cuz we love ya screen printers! Will you be our Valentine? <3

P.S. - Even if you don't need a boost of colour, you might need a boost of energy. All orders over $50 this week will get some chocolaty goodness in their box. You're welcome. <3


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