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Squeegee - Action M and R 16in Roller Squeegee W/ Teflon Sheet

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A perfect way for M and R owners to increase your quality, speed, and profit by investing one time in Action's unique roller squeegee. The roller squeegee can be used in a variety of ways (explained below) that can help you enhance the garment quality as well as eliminate wasted time and effort during the screen printing process on your M and R automatic press.

I just got my roller squeegee from Action about an hour ago. I gotta say that it is a GAME CHANGER for sure. the difference is night and day! We tested it first on 8 oz sweats, neon green with white and yellow ink (not my design!! - contract work) letters in white - graphic in yellow. just an amazing difference... The trick is getting pallets hot BEFORE you run the job so you have consistent heat from above and below the ink from start to finish.

My white no longer feels like sandpaper from fibrillation or anything else causing it to happen. No - I'm not paid by them to make this statement. Yes, I'm calling them right now to order more...I need one for each press!!


The Roller Squeegee is a game changer we had been using a blank screen /regular squeegee for smoothing under bases for quite some time, but the roller takes it to a whole other level. We have been using it for about 6 weeks now. No complaints at all.



_ After flashing it is entirely probable that you have fibers sticking up through the ink. Use the roller squeegee and a piece of Teflon film to flatten out the image and improve the smoothness of the print.

(NOW INCLUDED!)When Used with Teflon¨ Film _ after flashing _ The use of the Roller Squeegee with Teflon¨ Film following a flash has numerous benefits. That is _ the Roller Squeegee will provide a very smooth and uniform hand to the final product. Consider how Teflon¨ film is used in association with a heat press. Price include a piece of Teflon¨ Film.


_ We all know the challenges presented by excess lint on the garments that we print on. When the catcher at the end of the dryer tells you that there's a big piece of lint on the blue screen in the letter Q _ it means 30 imperfect shirts have been produced. Stopping your machine means lowering your production rates. Hence _ De-Linting screens are employed. Place a screen on your first head that has a light tack spray applied to it. Other tacky surfaces are available. When the Roller Squeegee is used with this de-linting screen, it picks up excess lint off of the t-shift


_ use a flash cure at one station and then a roller squeegee at the next. This will completely flatten out the garment and get the fibers to lay down


_ As an embossing tool, the Roller squeegee can be used in association with textured surfaces applied to your screen to produce some very unique effects.