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BASELAYR Drying Cabinet - 10 Screen Capacity

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Get the show started with the Baselayr Drying Cabinet. Fully stocked with a large bank of 15 fans, 110 VAC outlet for an internal dehumidifier, exhaust fan, relative humidity & temperature gauge, and locking casters for easy mobility around the darkroom, this drying cabinet creates the optimal drying environment for up to 10 screens. Use it after reclaiming, degreasing, or coating screens with emulsion. The Baselayr Drying Cabinet dries screens up to 5x faster, getting you out of the waiting period and into production. Take charge in the darkroom today.

  • Dry screens 5x faster in an enclosed space
  • Reach perfect humidity and temperatures for drying screens
  • Adjust air intake to increase or decrease temperatures in the cabinet
  • Fits 10 screens. 
  • Screen size 20x24, 23x31, & 23x32 
  • 15 circulation fans 
  • Panel mount hygrometer/thermometer 
  • Space for a dehumidifier (not included)
  • Adjustable air intake 
  • Exhaust fan 
  • Locking casters 
  • Made in USA 🇺🇸
  • 40-1/8" (L) x 33-5/16" (W) x 32" (H) 

The side access door is for the installation of a small dehumidifier (customer supplied). This is an optional addition to the cabinet. The standard air circulation fans will dry screens but at a slower rate. If the dehumidifier is equipped with a drain hose, use the optional drain nut to route the hose outside of the cabinet. The dehumidifier must be 110 VAC.


Ideally, the humidity in a darkroom should not climb higher than 40%. Not all shops need a dehumidifier in their drying cabinet. Ask yourself how dry the climate in your area is. Shops in dry climates like Arizona may not need a dehumidifier, since humidity is generally below 30%. Shops in humid climates such as Florida, where humidity is regularly above 60%, should invest in a dehumidifier.

NOTE: Max dehumidifier size for this drying cabinet is 14” wide x 7” deep x 14” High.


Pure Photopolymers and SBQ emulsions like Baselayr Complete and Baselayr Plastisol are best when humidity is below 40% (ideally 30%). These emulsions can still be used when relative humidity is above 40% but the detail and strength of the stencil may be compromised.

Diazo-added emulsions such as Baselayr Long Lasting need to be properly dry in order to successfully expose. Relative humidity will need to be below 40% and ideally closer to 30% before a successful screen can be made.

NOTE: The thicker the stencil, the longer the screen will take to dry. The relative humidity in the cabinet can be 30%, but the screen is still too moist inside the stencil. Think of it like a cake that is undercooked and is still gooey inside. The entire cake needs to be baked in order to eat it.

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