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Baselayr Emulsion Hardener - Quart

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Strengthen screens and increase durability with Baselayr Emulsion Hardener. 

While Baselayr Emulsion Hardener can be used with plastisol-focused emulsions, its main purpose is for screens that are used with aggressive ink systems like discharge, high solids water-based, and traditional water-based. Printers needing longer lasting screens for high production printing on automatic presses or repeated screen usage could also use Emulsion Hardener. 

Baselayr Emulsion Hardener will build a strong, durable stencil that is not easy to reclaim — it is considered a permanent stencil.  If you need to reclaim the screen, use a dip tank and let the emulsion soak for several minutes. Use a high psi pressure washer and spray out from the squeegee side. It will take time to fully reclaim a screen with emulsion hardener.


  1. Apply Baselayr Emulsion Hardener thinly and evenly to both sides of an exposed and dry screen. A sponge, sponge brush, brush, or cloth will work to apply the Emulsion Hardener. 
  2. Wipe up any excess hardener. If it’s applied heavily and left in the image area, a slight film may appear. Remove the excess to minimize potential on-press issues.
  3. Leave the screen alone for a couple hours to allow the Hardener to penetrate the emulsion. 
  4. Let the screen “cure” or crosslink overnight for best results. If you need to use the screen immediately, place it in a high heated box (above 120°F) for 1-2 hours. If you use the screen before the Baselayr Emulsion hardener has fully penetrated and chemically changed the emulsion, the screen will have better durability but its effectiveness will be reduced.
  5. After application, clean all tools thoroughly to extend their lifespan.


When sealed in its original container and stored in cool conditions, Baselayr Emulsion Hardener will be good for one year from the date of production.