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SKU 81-70W-23X31Hi-Dro-PANEL-ECO-Single
Material: White-81/70 Hi-DRO
Color: White


At Green Galaxy, your satisfaction is our top priority. This item currently is not in our Canadian warehouse,  while our slow shipping service may take a little longer, around a 4-6 week timeline, rest assured that our dedicated team is working tirelessly to ensure a seamless delivery experience. From timely updates on your order status to expertly packaged shipments, we're here to make your shopping experience worthwhile.

ECO Panels are manufactured with high-quality Saati Hi-DRO (thin thread) mesh. This mesh, when stretched, either meets or exceeds manufacturers specs for mesh tension. Every part of the ECO Panel is 100% recyclable.

Hi-DRO, or thin thread, has long been the standard for printing water-based ink. Its thinner thread profile and wider dimensional openings allows water-based inks to flow through easily. Printers experience less screen clogging compared to standard mesh. Thin thread mesh lets you maintain and print higher levels of detail. Emulsion and ink are not restrained since the threads take up less space. Over the last several years, more shops have been gravitating towards using Hi-DRO for their plastisol prints, especially for their base prints.

Panels are woven into a plastic locking strip. The locking strip replaces glues, ensuring that chemicals will not degrade the mechanism used to hold the mesh in a panel or on the frame. The mesh has more longevity in your print cycle.


Instead of being limited to just the screens you have on hand, and finding storage space for all of them when not in use, you now have access to every mesh count available in a convenient collapsible panel. The panels ship six in a box. The box is thin enough to easily fit on a shelf. Check out the available mesh panels, panel dimensions, and box size for storage.

There are very good reasons the Eco Frame is quickly gaining popularity in our industry. Eco Frames are constructed from a superior grade of aluminum for strength, consistency, and durability. All that combined allows these frames to stretch and hold mesh tension, meeting or exceeding manufacturers specs, that will be as good if not better than the static frames currently on the market. While static aluminum frames have dominated the market for their lightweight and overall efficiency. Eco Frames will not only continue that success, but also create a more efficient workflow with a system that can quickly and easily either swap out or replace mesh panels. Remeshing an Eco Frame is done in a matter of minutes (not weeks like it has been with shipping old frames and waiting for them to be shipped back!), Allowing you to put your frames back into production quickly and efficiently. This process increases your green footprint as you no longer need to buy and ship replacement screens or ship old frames out to be remeshed, then shipped back to you. Not to mention, the Eco Frames and Eco Panels are BOTH 100% recyclable!

All frames are welded and are airtight, so they are dip tank safe.