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Scoop - Dual Edge Emulsion Scoop Coater w/ Plastic End Caps

Original price $24.50 - Original price $74.99
Original price
$24.50 - $74.99
Current price $24.50
Size: 6 inches

12, 16, 18, 20 & 24 inch are SLOW SHIP 

At Green Galaxy, your satisfaction is our top priority. This item is currently not in our Canadian warehouse,  while our slow shipping service may take a little longer, around a 4-6 week timeline, depending on the product, please be assured that our dedicated team is working tirelessly to ensure a seamless delivery experience. From timely updates on your order status to expertly packaged shipments, we're here to make your shopping experience worthwhile.

Tired of the ends of your scoop coater falling off? This scoop coater keeps your emulsion exactly where it belongs - on your screen. Simply screw on the plastic end caps and start coating. For a deeper clean, you can always take it apart and do some real scrubbing. Don't worry, the solid milled aluminum can take it.

NOTE: Screens are measured to the outside diameter, so choose a scoop coater 4" smaller than your screen size. Example: A 20" x 24" inch screen will only require a 16 inch scoop coater.