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Pen - Blockout Pen for Emulsion Pin Holes

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Using Blockout is an important step in preparing a screen for press, but fixing small pin holes in your emulsion after exposure or even during the printing process is difficult to do with a regular liquid blockout. Using a blockout pen allows you to quickly and easily block out small pin holes or registration marks left in the emulsion. Don't worry about other blockout solutions, simply apply this pen and the pin hole goes away! Our green blockout pen is ultra fast drying (30 to 90 seconds) and water soluble. We recommended this blockout pen for plastisol, UV and most solvent based inks. Reclaims with warm tap water.

NOTE: Blockout pens must ship via UPS Ground*To ensure complete coverage, the blockout solution in these pens has a fairly high viscosity. They need to be shaken well before use and may have to be squeezed hard to get the block out fluid moving smoothly.