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EZ Grip - Lee Stuart Edition (Handle Only)

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When Lee Stuart first started printing, he was a pusher. Years of motocross and freestyle riding had damaged his fingertips all the way to his shoulders. Pulling a squeegee had been painful. 

Then he tried the EZ Grip Squeegee. Its ergonomic, two-handle design reduced stress and pain on his wrists. He never experienced feeling no pain since he started printing. It was a game changer.

"This squeegee has fully converted me into a puller," Lee said.

Since the squeegee is a staple in his shop, Lee has made his own version to share with the screen printing community. The EZ Grip — Lee Stuart Edition features an all-black handle, providing a touch of Rogue Lab's vibe while looking sleek in any shop.

Not only does the squeegee minimizes pain, it has many other features that improve the lives of printers. The Ink Protection System has built-in braces to support the squeegee, preventing it from falling on ink or spreading unwanted ink on other surfaces. 

To lay the holder down outside the screen, flip it over. The blade will point up and away so ink doesn't spread. When stored, the blade's upright angle prevents the print edge from contacting surfaces that may cause damage.​

"I've printed 8-12 hours a day with this squeegee and I've had zero pain, zero issues with my wrists or any of my other joints," Lee said. "It's something that would never ever happen with a standard squeegee."



Removing and installing blades is a breeze. No glue or bolts keep the blade in place. The squeegee has a precision fit, which allows friction to hold the blade in place. To install a blade, press the blade into the slot. To remove a blade, grip the blade at one end and pull.

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    • Two handle design
    • Ink Protection System, prevents the squeegee from falling on ink and smearing ink on surfaces
    • Flood handle
    • 13" wide, designed to accommodate squeegee blades up to 14", which is capable of printing a 13 1/2" wide design
    • Built-in shims hold blade tightly in place
    • Made of hard, shock-resistant polymers
    • Do not need to replace the handle, only the blades when they're worn out
    • Handle made from recycled plastic


    • Reduces stress and pain on wrists
    • Built-in braces saves printers' time from having to clean up inky messes
    • Easy to remove and install the blade
    • Without the need for drilling holes, all four edges of the blade are usable (doubling its lifespan)
    • Resistant to common cleaning chemicals
    • Easy to clean
    • Save money by only needing to purchase new blades rather than a whole new squeegee when the blades are dull