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FN-INK Curable Reducer

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Size: Quart


  • Reduces the thickness of an ink, which makes it effortless to print, increasing production output.
  • By reducing an ink's viscosity, it's much easier to print through higher mesh counts.  
  • When added to a standard cure (320°F) plastisol ink, it can lower its cure temperature, speeding up the curing process. 

Make thick ink easier to print with FN-INK™ Curable Reducer. It’s a low cure additive designed to lower an ink’s viscosity (its thickness) so it's easier to print.

FN-INK™ Curable Reducer is not a low bleed ink. Adding it to any ink that has low bleed properties will reduce that ink's ability to slow down or stop dye migration. Always test before running production.


  • Makes a thick ink easier to work with
  • Can be used with plastisol inks with standard cure temps (320°F)
  • Easy to print
  • Lower cure temperature


Making a thick ink easier to print: Add as little of the Curable Reducer as is needed to modify the ink. It’s recommended to add no more than 5% by weight.

If using a curable reducer to modify a thicker ink: First warm the ink as close as you can to what it will be when printing. All inks become easier to print as they warm up. Once the ink has reached production temps, add as little Curable Reducer as needed to make the ink easier to print.

If you add a curable reducer to an ink when it is cold, there’s a high possibility of adding too much curable reducer. Adding too much reducer results in an ink that is too runny and more difficult to print.

Is there a limit to how much one can add? You may add as much as you want to create your own effects as FN-INK™ Curable Reducer is 100% curable and can be printed by itself if wanted.

While you can add as much FN-INK™ Curable Reducer as you want to ink colors, anything above 10%-20% will begin to cause a drop in opacity.* Please be aware of this fact when mixing. Test before production.

*Some colors are inherently more translucent (have a lower opacity) and any addition of a clear additive will create a greater loss of opacity or coverage.


You can use any emulsion with FN-INK™ Curable Reducer. Use the same mesh counts recommended for the ink you are adding a curable reducer to.


Be sure to stir the product prior to use. 


The ink is ready to print right out of the container, no modification is necessary. 


Follow print recommendations for the ink you are adding a curable reducer into.


FN-INK™ Curable Reducer is a low cure product, but it remains stable at higher temperatures. The additive can be used with standard cure inks of 320°F.

Thicker ink deposits take longer to cure. Proper wash testing should be performed to ensure cure parameters are optimal before running any production.


When testing cured ink, perform a wash test to ensure proper cure prior to going into production. 


Use any press wash to clean it up.


Keep container(s) tightly closed. Store in a cool, well-ventilated location out of direct sunlight.


Usage Sheet