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FN-INK Metallic Silver Ink

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Size: Quart

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  • FN-INK™ Metallic Silver can be printed on its own or mixed with other colors, so printers can add a shimmering effect to any print.
  • The metallic ink maintains the soft-hand feel printers have loved with the FN-INK™ line.
  • It's a vibrant, sparkly ink that's extremely easy to work with, so printers will experience a streamlined production while producing jaw-dropping results.

Make a print sparkle with FN-INK™ Metallic Silver. It’s a low cure metallic ink that can be printed directly to fabric, printed over an underbase, and mixed with other colors.

While FN-INK™ Metallic Silver is a low cure ink, the flakes will reflect heat when cured in an electric dryer. It will slow down the cure process in comparison to other FN-INK™ colors. Proper wash testing should be performed to ensure cure parameters are optimal before running any production.

FN-INK™ Metallic Silver is not a low bleed ink. If printing on a poly or poly blended garment, please consider using a low bleed underbase like FN-INK™ Barrier Black.

Unlock specialty printing today with FN-INK™ Metallic Silver.


  • Vibrant & sparkly 
  • Easy to work with
  • Soft-hand prints
  • Can mix with other colors or print on its own


Printing direct to fabric: It will print easily through mesh counts ranging from 110–230.

Printing over a base white or another color: 156–230 mesh is recommended for better control of the ink deposit

Adding color to silver: Depending on the shimmer or sparkle effect desired, you can add as much color to FN-INK™ Metallic Silver as needed. You can also add the metallic silver to another ink as a tint. Please note that all silver flake products will introduce a gray value to the ink. Also, not all colors will look the way you want or expect.

Example: You will never get a true red or yellow. The silver flake (composed of black and white values) will tint a red towards a brick shade and a yellow will take on a muddy green look. While colors like royal blue or green take will not change as much as colors like yellow or red. They stay truer to their color while displaying a silver tint. Always test new colors thoroughly before starting production.

If adding white, it is recommended to use a mixing white like FN-INK™ Mixing White. Standard white ink has “opacity boosting additives” that can cover up the silver flake easily. Again, perform a print test to confirm the ink will look and behave as you expect.

*Some colors are inherently translucent and any addition of a clear additive will create a loss of opacity or coverage.


Any emulsion works with FN-INK™ Metallic Silver. Depending on the needs of the art, mesh counts ranging from 110–230 are best.


Be sure to stir the product prior to use. Stir thoroughly. Print and perform a wash test before production.


The ink is ready to print right out of the container, no modification is necessary. If desired, you can modify it with a curable reducer at up to 5% by weight. If greater stretch is required for troublesome garments, add FN-INK™ Stretch starting at 5%. Add more if greater stretch is desired.


Use a 70 durometer or a 65/90/65 squeegee blade to produce an even print with enough flake deposit. Using a blade that is too soft will not properly shear the ink. Using a squeegee with a stiffer, harder blade will result in a thinner ink deposit.

When possible, do a flood print. The flood stroke will pre-fill the stencil and make it easier to fully clear the ink and flake from the screen. It will make a smoother ink deposit.


Even though FN-INK™ Silver is a low cure ink, FN-INK™ Metallic Silver can reflect heat in electric dryers, which means the metallic ink takes longer to cure compared to the classic line of FN-INK™. Increase your dwell time (retention time in your dryer) or the temperature to ensure the ink reaches full cure. 


When testing cured ink, perform a wash test to ensure proper cure prior to going into production. If the silver prompts any issues after a wash test, then the metallic ink did not reach full cure.


Use any press wash to clean it up.


Keep container(s) tightly closed. Store in a cool, well-ventilated location out of direct sunlight.


Usage Sheet