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Green Galaxy Booster Kit - Quarts

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Fuel the vibrancy of your water based printing with these uniquely formaldehyde-free Green Galaxy™ Booster Inks. These versatile fluorescent water based inks can be printed directly onto cotton or synthetic fibers, mixed into Green Galaxy™ Water Based Inks for a boost in vibrancy, and used in tandem with the Green Galaxy™ Fusion Mixing System to achieve certain Pantone® colors. With a perfectly balanced pigment load for effortless mixing, extensive in-screen open times, AB (Anti-Block) technology, and the flexibility to be used with Warp Drive for use on synthetic printing mediums, Ryonet's Green Galaxy™ Booster Inks are launching the Green Galaxy™ line into a class of it's own.

*See Product Details for Mixing Instructions

Kit Contains:

  •  Green Galaxy Booster Blue Water Based Ink - 1 quart
  • Green Galaxy Booster Green Water Based Ink - 1 quart
  • Green Galaxy Booster Pink Water Based Ink - 1 quart
  • Green Galaxy Booster Purple Water Based Ink - 1 quart
  • Green Galaxy Booster Red Water Based Ink - 1 quart
  • Green Galaxy Booster Yellow Water Based Ink - 1 quart

Mixing Instructions:

Formaldehyde free - Fully curable, ready for use. Print directly on cotton, or synthetic fabrics, or add to Green Galaxyª Inks to boost colors and achieve certain Pantone¨ colors. To print on dark polyester, use Green Galaxyª Warp Drive with Green Galaxyª Comet White underbase. For creation of fluorescent shades with standard Green Galaxyª Inks, we recommend using 20% - 50% Green Galaxyª Booster Ink. Can also be mixed directly into Green Galaxyª Fusion Pantone¨ formulas.

Curing Instructions:

Should be cured for minimum of 2 - 3 mins at 320¡F - 360¡F. With Green Galaxyª Warp Drive, reduce to 180¡F - 280¡F and leave for 48 hours.

Clean Up:

Use water or Sgreenª Aqua Wash for wash-up on wet ink.

Storage Info:

Keep container tightly closed. Store in cool, well-ventilated place. Do not breathe vapors. Wear protective gloves. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Dispose as specified by local, regional, national and international regulations.