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Green Galaxy Interstellar Silver Flare HSA Water Based Ink

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Size: Quart

Deep within the cavernous mountains of Agau, our explorers have discovered a mineral unparalleled by anything in the known universe: Great clusters of Swarovski crystals, which when exposed to light, create a brilliant and unmistakable flare. Mined and refined to the point of perfection, these crystals emanate their radiance freely.

Green Galaxy™ Interstellar Silver Flare - Is a clear water base binder with tiny swarovski grade silver crystals that provide a unique fine grain iridescent effect.

Recommendations For Use

When printing Silver Flare directly on a fabric and bringing into light the crystals will glimmer and really shine, especially sunlight. Product can be mixed with any of our Pearl inks, or Gold Flare. You may also print on Pitch Black or Comet White underprint for a metal silver foil looking effect. Silver Flare can be pigment with Fusion pigments, or overprinted Green Galaxy HSA Water Base colors.

Screen Mesh

Can be used with any mesh between 90-230.

Stencil & Emulsion Guidelines

We recommend using either a water resistant emulsion like Green Galaxyª CryoCoat and with mesh degreased with Green Galaxyª CryoPrep degreaser. For extended life and long runs it is recommend to post expose the screens or use an emulsion hardener like Ryonet¨ Harden-X. E.O.M =15 with high tension for best results.


Be sure to stir product prior to use. When going for a metal look or overprinting under printed colors add 5% Slipstream Silicon Additive to ink to eliminate any tackiness that may occur. Slipstream is not needed if you are printing only direct to garment. You may also mix in Green Galaxy Fusion Pigments up to a 20% ratio by weight.


Load screen with plenty of ink. Flood screen prior to printing. Green Galaxyª HSA Water Based Ink can be printed with a push or pull squeegee stroke. If printing on an automatic, use a medium squeegee blade and medium squeegee pressure, two passes is typically recommended. After printing, flood screen allowing ink to sit on top of image to avoid drying. If screen clogs or exhibits dry ink in the print, re-flood and aggressively print again, this should clear the screen. If it does not clear the screen, spray a small amount of warm water into the stuck areas of the screen and wipe out with a rag. If you are leaving your screen for an extended period of time be sure to clean the image completely. If your ink begins to scale over, spray with water to wet the ink. Green Galaxyª HSA Water Based Ink can be printed with other water based inks and with plastisol inks.

Flash Curing

For flashing, forced air flash is optimal. Flash until dry to the touch.

Under Base

Any Green Galaxy product may be used as under base such as Gamma Blocker, Comet White, Pitch Black (for metal look) and any color. If you separate your art for Silver Flare you can achieve up to or more than four effects by having it over lap Comet White, Pitch Black, Direct to Garment, or any Green Galaxy color by overprinting all of the different underprints with the with this effect in a single screen.

Testing and Precautions

For dye block testing: Dye migration is typically minimal due to the flake/bead+base content of the ink however are printing on a poly garment with a heavy load of pigment in the ink you can experience color shift. Print as directed and let the printed sample sit for 24 hours to check for dye migration. If dye migration occurs, use Gamma Blocker Black as an under base or add Warp Drive and reduce cure temperature.

For cure testing: After set period, perform a stretch test to ensure elasticity. It is always recommended to perform a wash test to ensure proper cure prior to going into production. You may also run abrasion testing to watch for flaking and test adhesion. Increase cure dwell time if testing fails.

Clean Up

Ink should be removed from screen as soon as printing is completed. General wash-up (on ink that has not dried) can be done with water, though using Sgreenª Aqua Wash is much easier and recommended. For aggressive or dried screens, use Sgreenª Aqua Wash to dissolve ink and blast out areas of stuck ink with water pressure.


Keep container(s) tightly closed. Store in cool, well-ventilated location that is locked.

General Safety Precautions

Do not breathe vapors. Wear protective gloves. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using product. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Dispose of this product in accordance with local, regional, national and international regulations as specified.