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Platen - ROQ Aluminum Hinged Double Sleeve Platen - 28x8.5in

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Action Engineering is pleased to introduce the new Hinged Double Sleeve Pallet. The design is now under eleven pounds in weight, much more versatile, and more user friendly than ever before. Load and unload speeds have also been improved. Hinged Double Sleeve Pallets come with two 4" wide by 22" long print areas with an overall width of 13.5" by 28".

The benefits of the Hinged Double Sleeve Platen include the ability to print youth and women's sized shirts without stretching the cuff or sleeve around the pallet bracket. Even socks may be printed on this pallet!


  • A locking mechanism keeps the arms at an angle during loading and unloading, ensuring production is very fast and efficient
  • Suitable for shirt sizes between youth medium through adult extra large
  • By loading through the sleeve cuff, you can print on both the left and right sleeves of the same shirt simultaneously
  • Available for all automatic and manual machines

*Ask us about an optional garment hook