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Official Ryonet Distributor in Canada
Official Ryonet Distributor in Canada


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Style: Hi-DRO

Generally we hold one in stock, if we are out of stock this is a SLOW SHIP ITEM. Please contact our office to verify.

The ECO Frame is quickly gaining popularity in the screen printing industry. ECO Frames are constructed from a superior grade of aluminum for strength, consistency, and durability. All that combined allows the frames to stretch and hold mesh tension. The frames will meet or exceed manufacturers’ specs and will be as good, if not better than, the static frames currently on the market.


  • 6 pack of 20x24 frames (6 frames)
  • 1 stretching tool
  • 157 White Mesh Hi-DRO (6 panels)
  • 230 Yellow Mesh Hi-DRO (6 panels)

Hi-DRO, or thin thread, has long been the standard for printing water-based ink. Its thinner thread profile and wider dimensional openings allow water-based inks to flow through easily. Printers experience less screen clogging compared to standard mesh. Thin thread mesh lets you maintain and print higher levels of detail. Emulsion and ink are not restrained since the threads take up less space. Over the last several years, more shops have been gravitating towards using Hi-DRO for their plastisol prints, especially for their base prints.