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Sgreen Filtration System Filter Replacement

Original price $20.50 - Original price $22.50
Original price
$20.50 - $22.50
Current price $22.50
Size: 20 Micron Single


 The Sgreen® Filtration System is an ink filtration system designed to remove harmful waste solids from the screen cleaning process while protecting your plumbing and the environment. To continue doing its job, the system will need its filters to be replaced after extensive usage. Get what you need to continue taking better care of your pipes and environment.  


  • 20 Micron Filter Replacement Single Pack
  • 75 Micron Filter Replacement Single Pack
  • 20 Micron Filter Replacement 4 Pack 
  • 75 Micron Filter Replacement 4 Pack

*4pks are being discontinued. Will be exclusively sold in singles after 4pks are out.